Get informed before you hit ‘go to cart’

shADe is an anti-greenwashing web plugin

Many companies today say they're 'green', 'sustainable', and 'ethical' but there are no real regulations that dictate what these words mean.

Identify brands while you shop and browse the internet. Make informed choices about who you give your $$$.

shADe exists because we're annoyed by the difficulty to actually make informed choices about the products we see online. Specifically, we feel that fast fashion companies constantly exploit our desire to shop responsibly by listing clothes as 'conscious', 'eco-friendly', and 'green' but ultimately, we're not sure which companies are actually fulfilling these promises.

Connecting to Good on You's database, shADe lets you immediately and easily see fashion brand ratings while you're browsing. This way, you can shop with alignment towards your interests and tell the companies directly that we, the consumers, are watching!

Learn about the companies behind the products you see.

On top of the browsing stickers, you can also go more in-depth to view the details of the company and brand.

Specifically, how they rank for the planet, people, and animals.

shADe is an ongoing project currently being made by Jenny, Sille, Fati, and Samurai L.

It also wouldn't exist without the contributions from Joy Zhang, Good on You, Tiny Factories, and many others! 

As of May 4th, we are super proud to announce that shADe is a category winner of the Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards! This is just even more proof we need something like this to exist ASAP. 

If you'd like to support shADe (whether as an early tester, potential investor, or just a curious internet ghost), please sign up with us below for future developments and news!

Thanks for signing up, we'll see you on the other side!